Pilot plant 8: KOLEKTOR


The leading partner for Pilot Plant 8 is Kolektor. The Kolektor Group is a transnational company connecting almost 30 companies on strategic world markets. Over the years, Kolektor has evolved into a global company with its seat in Slovenia and a widespread net of companies and subsidiaries in Europe, in the USA and in Asia. Within its business unit Magnetics, Kolektor has been actively involved in numerous European and national projects. Kolektor has also an excellent track record as the primary polymer-bonded magnets producer in Europe, and also as a global supplier, utilising widely spread network of marketing companies through Kolektor Group in Europe, USA, and in Asia.  


Fabrication of improved ferrite sintered magnets

The Mn-Al-C powder is not yet produced at the industrial level. However, previous research conducted by PASSENGER’s partners shows how the material is ready for industrial implementation: IMDEA (combining gas-atomization and their self-developed flash-milling technique under both EU projects and an industrial contract on Mn-Al-C) and TUDA (casting technology) have shown the maturity of this permanent magnet material, ready to go to industry.

METALPINE (metal powder producer by gas-atomization) and LCM (world leader in the manufacture of alloys by casting technologies) will work together with IMA and TUDA towards the upscaled fabrication of Mn-Al-C.

Casting of Mn-Al-C alloy followed by crushing and milling will result in irregular shape particles of about 100 microns. These characteristics will be suitable for the fabrication of magnets by IMA and KOLEKTOR. MBN (producer of nanostructured powder materials through a proprietary mechano-chemical synthesis process technology) will work with IMDEA to translate IMDEA’s flash-milling method (enabling the use of unprecedented short milling times -a few minutes- to enhance the magnetic properties in Mn-Al-C) to industrial processing.


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